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fdo#55315 Added simple Trie lookup tree for autocomplete words storage
Added simple Trie lookup tree which is more tailored to what is needed in autocomplete implementation, but still has the speed of the LatinLookupTree that has been used till now. As the implementation is much simpler it should be more managable and easier fixable. For now two actions: insert (word) and findSuggestions are supported. Acttion findSuggestion returns all words in a list for a searched sub-word, it also fixes fdo#62945. Change-Id: I63b69c30d28b4e1c465c2122ebc537f7f75a033a
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@@ -116,6 +116,7 @@ $(eval $(call gb_Library_add_exception_objects,editeng,\
editeng/source/lookuptree/LatinLookupTree \
editeng/source/lookuptree/LatinTreeNode \
editeng/source/lookuptree/Node \
+ editeng/source/lookuptree/Trie \
# add libraries to be linked to editeng; again these names need to be given as