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diff --git a/dtrans/source/win32/dnd/target.cxx b/dtrans/source/win32/dnd/target.cxx
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--- a/dtrans/source/win32/dnd/target.cxx
+++ b/dtrans/source/win32/dnd/target.cxx
@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ void DropTarget::_rejectDrag( const Reference<XDropTargetDragContext>& context)
// is then checked against the allowed actions which can be set through
// XDropTarget::setDefaultActions. Only those values which are also
// default actions are returned. If setDefaultActions has not been called
-// beforehand the the default actions comprise all possible actions.
+// beforehand the default actions comprise all possible actions.
// params: grfKeyState - the modifier keys and mouse buttons currently pressed
inline sal_Int8 DropTarget::getFilteredActions( DWORD grfKeyState, DWORD dwEffect)