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typo fix: explicitely -> explicitly
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diff --git a/drawinglayer/source/primitive2d/textlayoutdevice.cxx b/drawinglayer/source/primitive2d/textlayoutdevice.cxx
index e30c74818079..6f7b66f493a5 100644
--- a/drawinglayer/source/primitive2d/textlayoutdevice.cxx
+++ b/drawinglayer/source/primitive2d/textlayoutdevice.cxx
@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ namespace drawinglayer
// for non-WIN32 systems things are easier since these accept a Font creation
// with initially nWidth != nHeight for FontScaling. Despite that, use zero for
- // FontWidth when no scaling is used to explicitely have that zero when e.g. the
+ // FontWidth when no scaling is used to explicitly have that zero when e.g. the
// Font would be recorded in a MetaFile (The MetaFile FontAction WILL record a
// set FontWidth; import that in a WIN32 system, and trouble is there)
Font aRetval(
diff --git a/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclhelperbitmaptransform.cxx b/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclhelperbitmaptransform.cxx
index e46b094edc9d..9cccec831386 100644
--- a/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclhelperbitmaptransform.cxx
+++ b/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclhelperbitmaptransform.cxx
@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ namespace drawinglayer
// do NOT use erase; for e.g. 8bit Bitmaps, the nearest color to the given
// erase color is determined and used -> this may be different from what is
- // wanted here. Better create a new bitmap with the needed color explicitely
+ // wanted here. Better create a new bitmap with the needed color explicitly
BitmapReadAccess* pReadAccess = aChangedBitmap.AcquireReadAccess();
OSL_ENSURE(pReadAccess, "Got no Bitmap ReadAccess ?!?");
diff --git a/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclmetafileprocessor2d.cxx b/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclmetafileprocessor2d.cxx
index bafe32bffbf6..2528dd6f6549 100644
--- a/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclmetafileprocessor2d.cxx
+++ b/drawinglayer/source/processor2d/vclmetafileprocessor2d.cxx
@@ -687,7 +687,7 @@ namespace drawinglayer
VCL usage when printing PL -> THB. Okay, THB confirms that it is only used as
a fix (hack) while VCL printing. It is needed to not downscale a bitmap which
- was explicitely created for the printer already again to some default maximum
+ was explicitly created for the printer already again to some default maximum
bitmap sizes.
Nothing to do here for the primitive renderer.