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aw083: added aw082 due to possible conflicts in vclmetafileprocessor2d.cxx
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--- a/drawinglayer/inc/drawinglayer/primitive2d/textprimitive2d.hxx
+++ b/drawinglayer/inc/drawinglayer/primitive2d/textprimitive2d.hxx
@@ -62,11 +62,48 @@ namespace drawinglayer
To get better text quality, it is suggested to handle tis primitive directly
in a renderer. In that case, e.g. hintings on the system can be supported.
+ @param maTextTransform
+ The text transformation contains the text start position (always baselined)
+ as translation, the FontSize as scale (where width relative to height defines
+ font scaling and width == height means no font scaling) and the font rotation
+ and shear.
+ When shear is used and a renderer does not support it, it may be better to use
+ the decomposition which will do everything correctly. Same is true for mirroring
+ which would be expressed as negative scalings.
+ @param rText
+ The text to be used. Only a part may be used, but a bigger part of the string
+ may be necessary for correct layouting (e.g. international)
+ @param aTextPosition
+ The index to the first character to use from rText
+ @param aTextLength
+ The number of characters to use from rText
+ @param rDXArray
+ The distances between the characters. This parameter may be empty, in that case
+ the renderer is responsible to do something useful. If it is given, it has to be of
+ the size aTextLength. Its values are in logical coordinates and describe the
+ distance for each character to use. This is independent from the font width which
+ is given with maTextTransform. The first value is the offset to use from the start
+ point in FontCoordinateSystem X-Direction (given by maTextTransform) to the start
+ point of the second character
+ @param rFontAttribute
+ The font definition
+ @param rLocale
+ The locale to use
+ @param rFontColor
+ The font color to use
class TextSimplePortionPrimitive2D : public BufferedDecompositionPrimitive2D
- /// text range transformation from unit range ([0.0 .. 1.0]) to text range
+ /// text transformation (FontCoordinateSystem)
basegfx::B2DHomMatrix maTextTransform;
/// The text, used from maTextPosition up to maTextPosition + maTextLength
@@ -78,10 +115,10 @@ namespace drawinglayer
/// The length for maText usage, starting from maTextPosition
xub_StrLen maTextLength;
- /// The DX array scale-independent in unit coordinates
+ /// The DX array in logic units
::std::vector< double > maDXArray;
- /// The font to use
+ /// The font definition
attribute::FontAttribute maFontAttribute;
/// The Locale for the text
@@ -90,7 +127,7 @@ namespace drawinglayer
/// font color
basegfx::BColor maFontColor;
- /// #i96669# add simple range buffering for this primitive
+ /// #i96669# internal: add simple range buffering for this primitive
basegfx::B2DRange maB2DRange;