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authorMichael Stahl <>2020-03-27 16:41:48 +0100
committerMichael Stahl <>2020-03-27 17:39:05 +0100
commit319407dba6f6bb0343865d010bfd436900ad0f2f (patch)
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tdf#131084 Revert "Drop checking for user extensions w/ the same ID on every synchronization"
This reverts commit 675295d7e18c1505835893e51a853a5b4ce37ed6. Beyond the user-installed extension problem in tdf#131084 this also breaks bundled dictionaries in instdir/share/extensions, which aren't loaded any more. This is masked by fall-back code that loads dicts from /usr/share on Linux so more noticeable on Windows. Maybe it would be possible to do this only once on user profile creation but i don't know much about extension stuff... Rene points out that Debian packages can install bundled extensions after the user-profile is created so that wouldn't work either. Change-Id: I9f0071c2441a4cf967f8981ef3a3e064197b88aa Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Michael Stahl <> Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <>
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diff --git a/desktop/source/deployment/manager/dp_extensionmanager.cxx b/desktop/source/deployment/manager/dp_extensionmanager.cxx
index 558ebe02fdfd..708c40215fa5 100644
--- a/desktop/source/deployment/manager/dp_extensionmanager.cxx
+++ b/desktop/source/deployment/manager/dp_extensionmanager.cxx
@@ -1224,6 +1224,33 @@ sal_Bool ExtensionManager::synchronize(
bModified |= static_cast<bool>(getBundledRepository()->synchronize(xAbortChannel, xCmdEnv));
+ //Always determine the active extension.
+ //TODO: Is this still necessary? (It used to be necessary for the
+ // first-start optimization: The setup created the registration data
+ // for the bundled extensions (share/prereg/bundled) which was copied to
+ // the user installation when a user started OOo for the first time
+ // after running setup. All bundled extensions were registered at that
+ // moment. However, extensions with the same identifier could be in the
+ // shared or user repository, in which case the respective bundled
+ // extensions had to be revoked.)
+ try
+ {
+ const uno::Sequence<uno::Sequence<Reference<css::deployment::XPackage> > >
+ seqSeqExt = getAllExtensions(xAbortChannel, xCmdEnv);
+ for (sal_Int32 i = 0; i < seqSeqExt.getLength(); i++)
+ {
+ uno::Sequence<Reference<css::deployment::XPackage> > const & seqExt =
+ seqSeqExt[i];
+ activateExtension(seqExt, isUserDisabled(seqExt), true,
+ xAbortChannel, xCmdEnv);
+ }
+ }
+ catch (...)
+ {
+ //We catch the exception, so we can write the lastmodified file
+ //so we will no repeat this every time OOo starts.
+ OSL_FAIL("Extensions Manager: synchronize");
+ }
OUString lastSyncBundled("$BUNDLED_EXTENSIONS_USER/lastsynchronized");
writeLastModified(lastSyncBundled, xCmdEnv, m_xContext);
OUString lastSyncShared("$SHARED_EXTENSIONS_USER/lastsynchronized");