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committerStephan Bergmann <>2019-10-30 07:14:17 +0100
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Fix Plugin::containsPreprocessingConditionalInclusion
...which had been broken since dfc0dc4801707b2d8080af1540625b43bd463e17 "loplugin:casttovoid: fix containsPreprocessingConditionalInclusion()", and, when range.getEnd() was a macro loc, would typically have wandered off past the end of the intended range, until it would have encountered some #if etc. and erroneously returned true. Fixed the fallout across the code base. While at it, added a clarifying comment and made the "lexing fails" cases that should never happen fail with a fatal error in debug mode. Change-Id: Ieff44548384426d7716b6fc6c836c9069d878729 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
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diff --git a/desktop/source/app/opencl.cxx b/desktop/source/app/opencl.cxx
index 6edb7c077180..5ef73dd70cf9 100644
--- a/desktop/source/app/opencl.cxx
+++ b/desktop/source/app/opencl.cxx
@@ -209,8 +209,7 @@ void Desktop::CheckOpenCLCompute(const Reference< XDesktop2 > &xDesktop)
// Append our app version as well.
- aSelectedCLDeviceVersionID += "--";
- aSelectedCLDeviceVersionID += LIBO_VERSION_DOTTED;
+ aSelectedCLDeviceVersionID += "--" LIBO_VERSION_DOTTED;
// Append timestamp of the file.
OUString aURL("$BRAND_BASE_DIR/" LIBO_ETC_FOLDER "/opencl/cl-test.ods");