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tdf#133000 writerfilter: apply non-contradictory num-styleHEADmaster
This fixes 7.0 regression exposed by tdf#131321's commit 35fc5ef0a759884b24ed8b83cd05702a0fab64cc This patch version heavily depends on recent changes, but could easily be adapted to older ways. (See previous versions in gerrit.) Because LO can now find the numbering rule through the para-style definition, it doesn't bother creating it as a direct paragraph property anymore. So that "directness" has to be specified during the import. This problem manifested itself in two ways. 1.) In SW, the direct numbering was lost and it simply inherits from the para-style. If numbering is now turned off in the para-style, then the paragraph loses it too. 2.) Because the numbering was considered to be defined by the paragraph style, the para-style-indents had higher priority than the numbering-indents. When numbering is defined directly on the paragraph, it has higher priority than the para-style-indents. Change-Id: I04c3944de8a91d9f253791fbd05d6324a8b7a9da Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Justin Luth <>
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