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Force ExtensionManager resync when the implementation changes checking the lastsynchronized time-stamps can give wrong results if new and old impl use same user config and old impl is started once more after new impl is installed, in which case per-user data of bundled exts of new impl would not be regenerated, leading to inconsistencies.
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diff --git a/desktop/inc/app.hxx b/desktop/inc/app.hxx
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--- a/desktop/inc/app.hxx
+++ b/desktop/inc/app.hxx
@@ -130,12 +130,14 @@ class Desktop : public Application
static sal_Bool isCrashReporterEnabled();
// first-start (ever) related methods
+ static bool newInstallation();
static sal_Bool CheckExtensionDependencies();
static void DoRestartActionsIfNecessary( sal_Bool bQuickStart );
static void SetRestartState();
- void SynchronizeExtensionRepositories();
+ void SynchronizeExtensionRepositories(bool force);
void SetSplashScreenText( const ::rtl::OUString& rText );
void SetSplashScreenProgress( sal_Int32 );