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fix the internal structure of MacOS X dmg
Because of commit e70ea92b3632c376975dd85dbcb26e7ca6b95498 "scp: remove unused macros", which removed the top-level Applications symlink, the dmg contained an extra dir, e.g., LibreOfficeDev_4.1.0.0.alpha0_MacOS_x86/ instead of just . This symlink used by the installer to determine the dir to use as top-level for the installation (solenv/bin/modules/installer/ Also revert "Eek, it is hard to get the right path to the .app that is being built", which was only needed because of the other problem. This reverts commit 1c25b01fce27c85affee920441b9b09a7bfe0501. Change-Id: Ib5792c7710decd021a62cd33fd841ebe26613fbc
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