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fdo#79303: Revert "fdo#70861 SwToSfxPageDescAttr: fix call to ...
... SvxExtParagraphTabPage" This reverts commit 5ce19ddcb6595c71980aecfa1e8c0827343159a4. It is now simply wrong to claim that a SID_ATTR_PARA_PAGENUM item with value 0 is set, when that is a valid offset value. SwTxtShell::Execute() will call SfxToSwPageDescAttr() which pulls the SID_ATTR_PARA_PAGENUM out of the item set and sets it. Change-Id: If5a155c2874486b3ef7d01883fe73f8e5fca46fe (cherry picked from commit a69ef2d84c3562da5e3bfda34e643c5044b4584a)
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