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remove some unnecessary includes
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diff --git a/cui/inc/pch/precompiled_cui.hxx b/cui/inc/pch/precompiled_cui.hxx
index ee93cd31562b..25c8af7e7414 100644
--- a/cui/inc/pch/precompiled_cui.hxx
+++ b/cui/inc/pch/precompiled_cui.hxx
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
manual changes will be rewritten by the next run of (which presumably
also fixes all possible problems, so it's usually better to use it).
- Generated on 2020-02-05 20:59:24 using:
+ Generated on 2020-02-17 11:24:44 using:
./bin/update_pch cui cui --cutoff=8 --exclude:system --include:module --exclude:local
If after updating build fails, use the following command to locate conflicting headers:
@@ -110,7 +110,6 @@
#include <vcl/builderpage.hxx>
#include <vcl/cairo.hxx>
#include <vcl/checksum.hxx>
-#include <vcl/combobox.hxx>
#include <vcl/ctrl.hxx>
#include <vcl/customweld.hxx>
#include <vcl/devicecoordinate.hxx>