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outer loop unrelated to inner loop
since original checkin of... commit 9cddf9da7fb256418e1bc3b4719abb55e3b0604c Date: Tue May 22 15:33:44 2007 +0000 INTEGRATION: CWS chart2mst3 (1.1.2); FILE ADDED ... 2006/12/13 12:31:03 tl #i71244# update charts in writer where I think this LockUnlockAllCharts chart2 loop was modelled on the previous chart[1] styles loop of e.g. DoUpdateAllCharts which loop over tables. chart2 objects are unrelated to these tables, so remove the outer loop, which then means the ofz#9689 ofz#9856 ofz9874 crashes that made me look at it will get fixed Change-Id: I7d7ba0a2aa257b5aa399f20d902f01306fbaecff Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <> Tested-by: Jenkins
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