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Reorganize Scheduler priority classes
This is based on glibs classification of tasks, but while glib uses an int for more fine grained priority, we stay with our enum. 1. Timers start with DEFAULT priority, which directly corresponds with the previous HIGH priority 2. Idles start with DEFAULT_IDLE priority instead of the previous HIGH priority, so idle default becomes "really run when idle". As RESIZE and REPAINT are special, and the DEFAULTS are set, there is just one primary decision for the programmer: should my idle run before paint (AKA HIGH_IDLE)? If we really need a more fine-grained classification, we can add it later, or also switch to a real int. As a result, this drops many classifications from the code and drastically changes behaviour, AKA a mail merge from KDE is now as fast as Gtk+ again. Change-Id: I498a73fd02d5fb6f5d7e9f742f3bce972de9b1f9
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diff --git a/cui/source/options/optjava.cxx b/cui/source/options/optjava.cxx
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--- a/cui/source/options/optjava.cxx
+++ b/cui/source/options/optjava.cxx
@@ -154,7 +154,6 @@ SvxJavaOptionsPage::SvxJavaOptionsPage( vcl::Window* pParent, const SfxItemSet&
m_pParameterBtn->SetClickHdl( LINK( this, SvxJavaOptionsPage, ParameterHdl_Impl ) );
m_pClassPathBtn->SetClickHdl( LINK( this, SvxJavaOptionsPage, ClassPathHdl_Impl ) );
m_aResetIdle.SetInvokeHandler( LINK( this, SvxJavaOptionsPage, ResetHdl_Impl ) );
- m_aResetIdle.SetPriority(TaskPriority::LOWER);
m_pExpertConfigBtn->SetClickHdl( LINK( this, SvxJavaOptionsPage, ExpertConfigHdl_Impl) );
if (!officecfg::Office::Common::Security::EnableExpertConfiguration::get())