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some minor .ui conversion nits
ObjectNameDialog: - Lets make it resizeable. Set a "width in chars" on the edit box to make it wide enough, that way we don't have to about setting a size request in pixels ObjectTitleNameDialog - Lets make it resizeable, as above. - The original had a scrollbar, so added a scrolledwindow to it with always vertically scroll - For the textview to give it a default height, rather than using pixels I let it take its width by expand to the above edit widget width - For its height, added a non-translated text buffer with 5 blank lines and tweaked the ctor to set that as its permanent height request - GtkTextView maps to VclMultiLineEdit instead of "MultiLineEdit" its a corner case, they should be equivalent, so just changed MultiLineEdit to VclMultiLineEdit NameDialog: - width requests as above - set name_entry as the mnemonic widget of name_entry MessBox: - I set the label to be vertically centered for the resizeable case Change-Id: I9ab9eb76aa64b4d7eaf1c9a738f9c29cd7f7820b
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diff --git a/cui/source/dialogs/dlgname.cxx b/cui/source/dialogs/dlgname.cxx
index a3af8bdd0f8e..e6541bd11239 100644
--- a/cui/source/dialogs/dlgname.cxx
+++ b/cui/source/dialogs/dlgname.cxx
@@ -112,6 +112,8 @@ SvxObjectTitleDescDialog::SvxObjectTitleDescDialog(
get(pEdtTitle, "object_title_entry");
get(pEdtDescription, "desc_entry");
+ //lock height to initial height
+ pEdtDescription->set_height_request(pEdtDescription->get_preferred_size().Height());
// set title & desc
diff --git a/cui/source/inc/dlgname.hxx b/cui/source/inc/dlgname.hxx
index 99c89db1e0e5..ab9c3d824b32 100644
--- a/cui/source/inc/dlgname.hxx
+++ b/cui/source/inc/dlgname.hxx
@@ -24,9 +24,7 @@
#include <vcl/button.hxx>
#include <vcl/dialog.hxx>
#include <vcl/fixed.hxx>
-// #i68101#
-#include <svtools/svmedit.hxx>
+#include <vcl/vclmedit.hxx> // #i68101#
/// Dialog for editing a name
class SvxNameDialog : public ModalDialog
@@ -115,7 +113,7 @@ private:
Edit* pEdtTitle;
// description
- MultiLineEdit* pEdtDescription;
+ VclMultiLineEdit* pEdtDescription;
// buttons
OKButton* pBtnOK;