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postgresql: upgrade to release 13.1
Fixes CVE-2020-25694, plus a bunch more CVE that don't look relevant. * --with-krb5 no longer exists, neither does --disable-shared * remove internal-zlib.patch.1: zlib is only used by pg_* tools / contrib/pgcrypto * remove postgresql-libs-leak.patch: some relic from pre-gbuild times, not clear what the point is for static libs * remove postgresql-9.2.1-libreoffice.patch: another dmake .mk file relic, and the win32 nmake build system was removed * add postgres-msvc-build.patch.1 to fix Cygwin perl and openssl * on WNT, libpq.dll is now built, no longer static lib Change-Id: Ic0232a28801b2f604d9f4e33d5621ae3362defaa Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <>
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