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cli_ure: copy cli_basetypes to INSTDIR/sdk/bin
The library is already in the URE/bin directory, but that is not sufficient to be able to run sdk/bin/climaker.exe. There are apparently 4 ways for a .net/CLR executable to locate shared libraries: 1) in the same directory as the executable 2) in some mysterious "GAC" thing in C:/Windows (which is presumably how it works if you actually install LO) 3) via an application configuration file entry "probing", which only works when it's in a sub-directory of the one the executable is in 4) via a DEVPATH variable, but that only works with a special configuration entry in a system "machine config" file of the .net framework Specifically PATH is apparently ignored. Since building on Windows is enough of a PITA already and we don't want developers to have to edit another config file, put another copy of the library into sdk/bin. Change-Id: I511957ad9a9a918ed0c316126304a1980fb2d289
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diff --git a/cli_ure/ b/cli_ure/
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--- a/cli_ure/
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@@ -9,6 +9,10 @@
$(eval $(call gb_Executable_Executable,climaker))
+$(eval $(call gb_Executable_use_package,climaker,\
+ cli_basetypes_copy \
$(eval $(call gb_Executable_add_cxxflags,climaker,\
-AI $(gb_Helper_OUTDIRLIBDIR) \
-clr \