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tdf#125164 sw: reimplement SwUndoTOXChange
SwUndoTOXChange was effectively dead code since commit 60732d715698108f9c3a8284bb3e00baaa4e8124 "#i42807# clear undo stack before changing of TOX properties, update TOX after changing properties" and was resurrected by commit 4f0b568ef35353b276ae560fb43502b6f6b2bfdb. * Calling Update() from Undo is wrong, as there is no guarantee that the index was up-to-date before the change * Calling Update() from Redo is pointless, as there will be a Redo of SwUndoUpdateIndex anyway, given that the only caller of ChangeTOX, namely, SwTOXMgr::UpdateOrInsertTOX(), does that * SwUndoTOXChange cannot retain a pointer to SwTOXBase as its life-time is tied to the SwSectionNode * Repeat applying the same attributes to the same ToX is utterly pointless Change-Id: I84a9de3176d1062d1a43acbc9270c547fde7936a Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <>
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