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Fix typo
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diff --git a/chart2/source/tools/DiagramHelper.cxx b/chart2/source/tools/DiagramHelper.cxx
index 14d8126625ae..0ea291db6c47 100644
--- a/chart2/source/tools/DiagramHelper.cxx
+++ b/chart2/source/tools/DiagramHelper.cxx
@@ -1448,7 +1448,7 @@ bool DiagramHelper::isSupportingFloorAndWall( const Reference<
chart2::XDiagram >& xDiagram )
//pies and donuts currently do not support this because of wrong files from older versions
- //todo: allow this in future again, if fileversion are available for ole objects (metastream)
+ //todo: allow this in future again, if fileversion is available for OLE objects (metastream)
//thus the wrong bottom can be removed on import
Sequence< Reference< chart2::XChartType > > aTypes(