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#i105937# Fixed a few remaining gradient glitches
* linear/axial gradient were f*cked up when border and rotation was given * found another place where drawinglayer was generating helper polygons for gradients (vclgradienthelper.cxx), adapted to new value ranges * fixed build breakage in debug build in oox * fixed order of gradient color generation
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@@ -7,5 +7,4 @@ cv canvas\source\simplecanvas nmake - all cv_simplecanvas cv_tools cv_inc
cv canvas\source\cairo nmake - all cv_cairo cv_tools cv_inc NULL
cv canvas\source\directx nmake - w cv_directx cv_tools cv_inc NULL
cv canvas\source\null nmake - all cv_null cv_tools cv_inc NULL
-cv canvas\source\java nmake - all cv_java cv_inc NULL
cv canvas\source\factory nmake - all cv_factory cv_inc NULL