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fdo#81945 [DOCX] Round Tripped file corrupted due to nested SDTs
Original File contains two separate SDTs which are getting nested during RT as follows:- sdtStart [MARK] rPr [MARK] sdtEND RunSTART ==PREPEND==> sdtStart [MARK] sdtEND RunSTART rPr RunEND Now Another SDT starts sdtStart [MARK] sdtEND RunSTART rPr RunEND [MARK] sdtStart ==PREPEND==> sdtStart [MARK] sdtStart sdtEND RunSTART rPr RunEND So, in such cases wait before closing the earlier sdt, to avoid nesting. Thus the [MARK] can be retained in the corrrect position, to start the new SDT and end the earlier SDT. Reviewed on: Change-Id: Ia86f94c0587a5d44ab23391ea9ac38f86b5dd250
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