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sb118: Replace (heavily modified) CppUnit 1.8.0 with (unmodified) latest 1.12.1.
- Old modifications were necessary for testshl2, which has simply been excluded from the build for now. - Tests in basebmp, basegfx, o3tl (that are executed during build) have been converted from using modified CppUnit/testshl2 to using unmodified CppUnit. - CppUnit's DllPlugInTester has problems with OOo tests on Windows, see #i107562#, so for now a new cppunittester from sal is used instead.
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-fx basegfx : o3tl sal offuh cppuhelper cppu testshl2 NULL
+fx basegfx : o3tl sal offuh cppuhelper cppu cppunit NULL
fx basegfx usr1 - all fx_mkout NULL
fx basegfx\inc nmake - all fx_inc NULL
fx basegfx\prj get - all fx_prj NULL