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authorNoel Power <>2013-09-12 21:37:42 +0100
committerNoel Power <>2013-09-13 10:10:19 +0100
commit751e238c78247bec81c1c7c50bc4758b1faea151 (patch)
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fix for fdo#69173 crasher
the layout changes for the basic IDE ( for the object browser and object catalog ) seem flacky, I have seen since those changes have been introduced some strange ( but random ) behaviour ( like the odd unrepeatable core ( maybe related to this ) and also sometimes Modules appearing in the tree under the wrong nodes etc. I'm no expert in the basic IDE code but this patch seems to fix the problem. However there is one drawback, in the core inducing scenario the tree view ( object catalog ) dissappears, this is because the patch suppresses the problematic layout in this case ( as the layout seem not to be currently able to deal with 'no-existent' (recently) deleted current window ) Probably in this scenario a fallback currentwin (instead of nil) could be set this would behave better but ideally. Ultimately the layout class should probably be modified ( possibly redesigned ) Change-Id: I9d1e23bd6fc4aae32aa78da8278c318f7051136a
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diff --git a/basctl/source/basicide/basides1.cxx b/basctl/source/basicide/basides1.cxx
index 56b6f8d1bb0f..1810bea6bde4 100644
--- a/basctl/source/basicide/basides1.cxx
+++ b/basctl/source/basicide/basides1.cxx
@@ -1010,7 +1010,10 @@ void Shell::SetCurWindow( BaseWindow* pNewWin, bool bUpdateTabBar, bool bRemembe
+ {
+ SetWindow(pLayout);
pLayout = 0;
+ }
if ( bUpdateTabBar )
sal_uLong nKey = GetWindowId( pCurWin );