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tdf#134646 Remove "nearest paper matching" featureHEADmaster
This was introduced with da62b0feb684b34ab191fb0f03ed5432c14cba97 to find the best paper size for user defined page sizes. However, this leads to problems with Impress: Slides have screen sizes which have no relation to paper sizes. For the slide site "Screen (16:9)" the page size "Executive" is the nearest matching size. However, this paper is (though supported by printers), very uncommon. We do not want the nearest matching paper size the printer supports, but rather we want to fit the slide on the printer default paper. Note that finding a matching print paper still works (and it even has some fuzzy matching), so some sort of "nearest paper matching" still exists, (but with sane limits). Change-Id: Ie60023d64b251954aa50e8bbdd36f6a290b9f278 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Samuel Mehrbrodt <>
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