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android can only target sdk 22 - openssl triggers text relocation errors
scanelf -T android/source/obj/local/x86/ TYPE TEXTRELS FILE (memory/data?) [0x30E35B6] in (optimized out: previous OPENSSL_rdtsc) [0x30E35B0] (memory/data?) [0x30E35D2] in (optimized out: previous OPENSSL_instrument_halt) [0x30E35D0] (memory/data?) [0x30E3646] in (optimized out: previous OPENSSL_wipe_cpu) [0x30E3640] (memory/data?) [0x30E494C] in (optimized out: previous sha1_block_data_order) [0x30E4940] (memory/data?) [0x30E79BA] in (optimized out: previous sha512_block_data_order) [0x30E7980] (memory/data?) [0x30EB7B2] in (optimized out: previous AES_encrypt) [0x30EB780] (memory/data?) [0x30ECDF2] in (optimized out: previous AES_decrypt) [0x30ECDC0] (memory/data?) [0x30ECE89] in (optimized out: previous AES_cbc_encrypt) [0x30ECE70] ET_DYN android/source/obj/local/x86/ with target level 22 it is only a warning: W/linker: /mnt/asec/org.documentfoundation.libreoffice-1/lib/x86/ has text relocations. This is wasting memory and prevents security hardening. Please fix. with target level 23 it is java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError Change-Id: Ia55c75c46a64854e46aab3329fef3e9b522a5ba2
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diff --git a/android/source/build.gradle b/android/source/build.gradle
index 8e2355c24642..3f476c22fd07 100644
--- a/android/source/build.gradle
+++ b/android/source/build.gradle
@@ -53,7 +53,10 @@ android {
// defaults for Manifest
defaultConfig {
minSdkVersion 14
- targetSdkVersion 23
+ // openssl on x86 makes the contain text-relocations,
+ // 22 treats them as warnings, on 23 it is fatal error
+ // ToDo: fix openssl stuff to not block targeting 23 or later
+ targetSdkVersion 22
manifestPlaceholders = [installLocation: "preferExternal"]
buildTypes {