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authorMichael Weghorn <>2019-06-08 13:45:36 +0200
committerMichael Weghorn <>2019-06-08 17:12:55 +0200
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gbuild: treat $({QT,KF}5_CFLAGS) as cxxflags, not defines
Treat all of QT5_CFLAGS, QT5_GLIB_CFLAGS and KF5_CFLAGS as C++ flags, since those contain C++ flags in the first place. Therefore, set them using 'gb_Library_add_cxxflags', not 'gb_Library_add_defs'. (Strictly speaking, those variables contain includes as well, but handling that properly would require splitting this up further, either in '' or see e.g. how it's done in ''.) This also prevents the values of those variables from ending up in the wrong section in IDE integration generated by gbuild-to-ide. Handling them as includes previously resulted e.g. in 'vcl/' (generated by 'make qtcreator-ide-integration') containing DEFINES += BOOST_ALL_NO_LIB \ ... \ VCLPLUG_GTK3_KDE5_IMPLEMENTATION -isystem /usr/include//KF5 -isystem /usr/include//KF5/KCoreAddons [...] and Qt Creator would show a (rather unhelpful) warning like the following when opening a header file inside 'vcl/inc/': > Warning: The code model could not parse an included file, > which might lead to incorrect code completion and highlighting, > for, example. > > 4:9: error: macro name must be an identifier Change-Id: I2bb0c37fdf1112650e8adc712f60737888a8169b Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Weghorn <>
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diff --git a/ b/
index b039484338a8..6b0c69b3c804 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -3084,7 +3084,7 @@ $(call gb_LinkTarget_set_include,$(1),\
-$(call gb_LinkTarget_add_defs,$(1),\
+$(call gb_LinkTarget_add_cxxflags,$(1),\
$(filter-out -I% -isystem%,$(subst -isystem /,-isystem/,$(KF5_CFLAGS))) \