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android: Dump my debugging notes to the readme's.
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@@ -375,6 +375,19 @@ an "adb logcat" running in another window.
To debug, do manually what "make run" would do and when the app has
started, run ndk-gdb.
+You can also do that manually; to install:
+ <android-sdk-linux>/platform-tools/adb install -r android/experimental/LOAndroid3/bin/LibreOfficeViewer-debug.apk
+To see the log:
+ <android-sdk-linux>/platform-tools/adb logcat
+To debug, install the .apk, run it, and then:
+ cd android/experimental/LOAndroid3
+ <android-ndk-r9d>/ndk-gdb --adb=<android-sdk-linux>/platform-tools/adb
NB: If you happen to upgrade to Android SDK Tools 23, and the build (using
'make verbose=t android') fails for you with: