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If dev-install is obsolete, why have it at all?
Replace mentions of it in a few (dcumentation) places with test-install. Change-Id: I6fc8e58fa5813b05de16feec35215c83e0e45834
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@@ -220,9 +220,9 @@ TODO:
others; would be best to avoid that if at all possible (using a free
cab implementation, part of Wine or something)
- MSI generation
- - if at all possible, the make dev-install installation (with links
+ - if at all possible, the make test-install installation (with links
back to the build) should be done so that it would be directly
- executable via wine after doing make dev-install :-)
+ executable via wine after doing make test-install :-)
- runtime
- no idea if the entire thing works after the installation at all; I