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Add --with-prebuilt-openssl
Don't ask. Oh well, if you want to know: For some people, like me, Cygwin and its Perl run into horrible trouble with the fork() emulation when building OpenSSL. (But my Cygwin works fine for all else in the build. Go figure.) So I came up with a way to use prebuilt OpenSSL binaries. Not to be used for release builds, of course (and the configury checks for that), as long as our policy is to build all we can from sources. Change-Id: Ic303bdf0c620c5122aca3d646fa1f0587221e70f
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@@ -193,6 +193,7 @@ $(WORKDIR)/download: $(BUILDDIR)/ $(SRCDIR)/download.lst $(SRCDIR)
$(call fetch_Optional,PAGEMAKER,PAGEMAKER_TARBALL) \
$(call fetch_Optional,POPPLER,POPPLER_TARBALL) \
$(call fetch_Optional,PYTHON,PYTHON_TARBALL) \
$(call fetch_Optional,REDLAND,RAPTOR_TARBALL) \
$(call fetch_Optional,REDLAND,RASQAL_TARBALL) \