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authorBjörgvin Ragnarsson <>2013-09-20 02:37:02 +0000
committerCaolán McNamara <>2013-10-02 14:57:10 +0000
commitf5c3f5601a3739dead635f9abc446951b385018f (patch)
parentd3ca36915e20cf4a0ee724c6ba084fe9653757c2 (diff)
Improves fdo#41407: Make gs a higher priority than convert for EPS rendering.
This speeds up EPS loading on systems where convert is configured to execute gs for conversion instead of using libgs. This seems to be how convert is compiled on most linux distos. Change-Id: Ibfc95bff11076d286b6ba210d2db2129ac0bb45b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/filter/source/graphicfilter/ieps/ieps.cxx b/filter/source/graphicfilter/ieps/ieps.cxx
index bc1495249be4..3f3ba2eb1525 100644
--- a/filter/source/graphicfilter/ieps/ieps.cxx
+++ b/filter/source/graphicfilter/ieps/ieps.cxx
@@ -342,10 +342,10 @@ static bool RenderAsPNGThroughGS(const sal_uInt8* pBuf, sal_uInt32 nBytesRead,
static bool RenderAsPNG(const sal_uInt8* pBuf, sal_uInt32 nBytesRead, Graphic &rGraphic)
- if (RenderAsPNGThroughConvert(pBuf, nBytesRead, rGraphic))
+ if (RenderAsPNGThroughGS(pBuf, nBytesRead, rGraphic))
return true;
- return RenderAsPNGThroughGS(pBuf, nBytesRead, rGraphic);
+ return RenderAsPNGThroughConvert(pBuf, nBytesRead, rGraphic);
// this method adds a replacement action containing the original wmf or tiff replacement,