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diff --git a/winaccessibility/source/UAccCOMIDL/ia2_api_all.idl b/winaccessibility/source/UAccCOMIDL/ia2_api_all.idl
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--- a/winaccessibility/source/UAccCOMIDL/ia2_api_all.idl
+++ b/winaccessibility/source/UAccCOMIDL/ia2_api_all.idl
@@ -1351,7 +1351,7 @@ IA2_STATE_PINNED = 0x80000
@ref _indexes\n
@ref _enumBase\n
@ref _specialOffsets\n
- @ref _dicoveringInterfaces\n
+ @ref _discoveringInterfaces\n
@ref _changingInterfaces\n
@ref _applicationInfo\n
@ref _childIDs\n
@@ -1441,7 +1441,7 @@ IA2_STATE_PINNED = 0x80000
Since the same offset is associated with two different lines a special means is needed
to fetch text from the line where the caret is physically located.
- @section _dicoveringInterfaces Discovery of Interfaces
+ @section _discoveringInterfaces Discovery of Interfaces
In general AT (Assistive Technology) should try IAccessible2 interfaces, followed by using
the MSAA (Microsoft&reg; Active Accessibility&reg;) interfaces. (In cases where the an application
is known to have custom interfaces which provide information not supplied by IAccessible2