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authorArmin Le Grand <>2018-05-11 18:17:10 +0200
committerArmin Le Grand <>2018-05-14 10:19:25 +0200
commit66561e30bf96167dfaf9c5215a46c75a14209e9c (patch)
parente89350cc1e0b8696ef51251acfb7543fd196ff3a (diff)
tdf#117282 Do not set property 'Name' at ControlShape
Formally property 'Name' was set at, but this Shape does not (and never did) support that Property. It should have thrown an UnknownPropertyException in the past, but did not do that by error. It was just ignored in SvxShape::_setPropertyValue and lost. Solution is to just not set it anymore. This loses nothing (was never set, see above), but avoids the (now correctly thrown) exception. Change-Id: Id6bdc545862f91692213afe6fb706b98d3fce211 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Armin Le Grand <>
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/extensions/source/dbpilots/optiongrouplayouter.cxx b/extensions/source/dbpilots/optiongrouplayouter.cxx
index c79359461233..c506f9ec5f0c 100644
--- a/extensions/source/dbpilots/optiongrouplayouter.cxx
+++ b/extensions/source/dbpilots/optiongrouplayouter.cxx
@@ -148,8 +148,15 @@ namespace dbp
xRadioShape->setControl(Reference< XControlModel >(xRadioModel, UNO_QUERY));
// the name of the shape
- if (
- xShapeProperties->setPropertyValue("Name", makeAny(sElementsName));
+ // tdf#117282 *has* no property
+ // of type 'Name'. In older versions it was an error that this did
+ // not throw an UnknownPropertyException. Still, it was never set
+ // at the Shape/SdrObject and was lost.
+ // Thus - just do no tset it. It is/stays part of the FormControl
+ // data, so it will be shown in the FormControl dialogs. It is not
+ // shown/used in SdrObject::Name dialog (e.g. context menu/Name...)
+ // if (
+ // xShapeProperties->setPropertyValue("Name", makeAny(sElementsName));
// add to the page