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authorAndras Timar <>2012-09-25 16:36:07 +0200
committerAndras Timar <>2012-09-25 21:23:38 +0200
commit4a2503e5a6e33a0ba5d93712427d78b705c83708 (patch)
parent21a82f4f91eb9940e5dd01c75e2f68721a431f09 (diff)
set paths in help tree file of MediaWiki extension help
we set the paths here to their runtime values, because in new build "paradigm" English tree is not updated, just copied. No problem with that, we'll fix regressions later. Now it works even in en-US build, but nodes are not localized, because does not find localizations due to the changed paths. is a hack and must die. It will be killed in feature/killsdf branch. Change-Id: Ic16eca538182f5548d4d6c2a23f9bc9764da6b62
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/swext/mediawiki/help/help.tree b/swext/mediawiki/help/help.tree
index d258c948bdbb..ac223de66745 100644
--- a/swext/mediawiki/help/help.tree
+++ b/swext/mediawiki/help/help.tree
@@ -12,11 +12,11 @@
<help_section application="swriter" id="02" title="MediaWiki">
<node id="0224" title="MediaWiki">
- <topic id="help/help/wiki.xhp">MediaWiki</topic>
- <topic id="help/help/wikiaccount.xhp">Wiki Publisher</topic>
- <topic id="help/help/wikiformats.xhp">MediaWiki Formats</topic>
- <topic id="help/help/wikisend.xhp">Send to MediaWiki</topic>
- <topic id="help/help/wikisettings.xhp">MediaWiki Options</topic>
+ <topic id="help/">MediaWiki</topic>
+ <topic id="help/">Wiki Publisher</topic>
+ <topic id="help/">MediaWiki Formats</topic>
+ <topic id="help/">Send to MediaWiki</topic>
+ <topic id="help/">MediaWiki Options</topic>