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authorKohei Yoshida <>2014-07-17 15:52:52 -0400
committerKohei Yoshida <>2014-07-17 16:12:03 -0400
commit3bce16799c34d0b28704c43eae77501c0f6aec1e (patch)
parentebd8d28361a3c0f420346fcafcecadef09efbda5 (diff)
fdo#81470: Fix a crasher during xlsx export with revisions.
Calling Undo() here removes revision entries which also removes formula cell instances stored in the entries. The problem is that the XclExpChTrCellContent instances store pointers to these formula instances for later use, and removing the entries at this location causes deleted formula instances to get accessed which in turn causes segfault. Since all revision entries get deleted when the temp change track instance gets deleted at the end of the revision export, not deleting the entries here will not cause memory leaks. Change-Id: I85f8064945a841b684e4fc4a97c3f9bb6a2de353
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/sc/source/filter/xcl97/XclExpChangeTrack.cxx b/sc/source/filter/xcl97/XclExpChangeTrack.cxx
index 9b4d5d0ac1fb..2cd80cce9a23 100644
--- a/sc/source/filter/xcl97/XclExpChangeTrack.cxx
+++ b/sc/source/filter/xcl97/XclExpChangeTrack.cxx
@@ -1402,7 +1402,6 @@ XclExpChangeTrack::XclExpChangeTrack( const XclExpRoot& rRoot ) :
PushActionRecord( *pScAction );
const ScChangeAction* pPrevAction = pScAction->GetPrev();
- pTempChangeTrack->Undo( pScAction->GetActionNumber(), pScAction->GetActionNumber() );
pScAction = pPrevAction;