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osl: document osl_mapFile parameters and return values
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diff --git a/include/osl/file.h b/include/osl/file.h
index dec771d6d8b4..9b9e31e5bf11 100644
--- a/include/osl/file.h
+++ b/include/osl/file.h
@@ -791,6 +791,34 @@ SAL_DLLPUBLIC oslFileError SAL_CALL osl_getFileSize(
just a pointer to the file inside the already mapped .apk is
+ @param Handle [in] Handle of the file to be mapped.
+ @param ppAddr [out] Memory address of the mapped file
+ @param uLength [in] Amount to map of the file from the offset
+ @param uOffset [in] Offset into the file to map
+ @param uFlags [in] osl_File_MapFlag_RandomAccess or
+ osl_File_MapFlag_WillNeed
+ @retval osl_File_E_None on success
+ @retval osl_File_E_INVAL invalid file handle, on Unix systems also
+ can mean that the address, length of the file or the
+ file offset are too large or not aligned on a page
+ boundaryi; on Linux can also mean after Linux 2.6.12
+ that the length was set to 0 (illogical.
+ @retval osl_File_E_OVERFLOW requested mapping size too large,
+ or the file offset was too large
+ @retval osl_File_E_ACCES file descriptor to non-regular file, or
+ file descriptor not open for reading, or the file
+ descriptor is not open in read/write mode
+ @retval osl_File_E_AGAIN file has been locked, or too much memory
+ has been locked
+ @retval osl_File_E_NODEV underlying filesystem of specified file
+ does not support memory mapping
+ @retval osl_File_E_TXTBSY on Linux means that writing to the mapped
+ file is denied, but the file descriptor points to a file
+ open for writing
+ @retval osl_File_E_NOMEM process's maximum number of mappings have
+ been exceeded
@since UDK 3.2.10
SAL_DLLPUBLIC oslFileError SAL_CALL osl_mapFile (