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EULA 2014-10-20
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ MAINTENANCE SERVICES. \par
\cf1\f0\fs20 6) Maintenance services do not include integration services, installation of upgrades or updates, support services or any other benefits not expressly described in this Agreement.\par
\cf1\b\f0\fs20 SUPPORT SERVICES\par
-\pard\sa120\sl276\slmult1\cf0\b0 An entitlement to \lquote Level 3\rquote technical support services will be provided on certain terms which include:\par
+\pard\sa120\sl276\slmult1\cf0\b0 By purchasing an entitlement to \lquote Level 3\rquote technical support services will be provided on certain terms which include:\par
- allocation of a severity level for each support case and any variations on this;\par
- Collabora\rquote s work availability times, initial response time and the communication frequency for each support case based on such allocated case severity level; \par
- Your limit on the number of support cases that You can report for each such allocated case severity level (although for the avoidance of doubt, any unused limit cannot be refunded and expires at the end of the Subscription Services Entitlement period unless otherwise agreed). \par
@@ -90,6 +90,5 @@ Alternatively, Collabora also entitle You to purchase the support services entit
\pard\qj\cf1\f0\fs20 9) Without regard to conflict of laws rules and principles or the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, this Agreement is governed by the laws of England, and any action relating to this Agreement may only be brought before the courts of England.\par
-\cf1\i\f0\fs20 EULA 2014-06-12\par
+\cf1\i\f0\fs20 EULA 2014-10-20\par