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authorKohei Yoshida <>2012-12-07 19:48:50 -0500
committerAndras Timar <>2013-01-13 21:59:18 +0100
commitf86c0ec7485a2f48e3e1901d7f5c99735344d956 (patch)
parentcb75106376b0b3e94e86dd684d4912660c98b4bc (diff)
bnc#791952: Better placement of 3D pie chart data labels.
This value appears to control the logical vertical offset of data labels along the z-axis for 3D pie charts (no effect in 2D pie charts). With -0.5, the data labels appear lifted from the top surface of the pie chart. With -1.0, the labels get placed right at the top surface, which improves the precision of data label positions. With this change, data labels that are centered are really centered inside their respective pie segments. Change-Id: I26d5d7cb7f68bd09131b70bcb4fc030ac924bcce
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/chart2/source/view/charttypes/PieChart.cxx b/chart2/source/view/charttypes/PieChart.cxx
index 5e7e1676267c..8d558f110fe7 100644
--- a/chart2/source/view/charttypes/PieChart.cxx
+++ b/chart2/source/view/charttypes/PieChart.cxx
@@ -442,7 +442,7 @@ void PieChart::createShapes()
//create data point
- double fLogicZ = -0.5;//as defined
+ double fLogicZ = -1.0; // For 3D pie chart label position
uno::Reference<drawing::XShape> xPointShape(
createDataPoint( xSeriesGroupShape_Shapes, xPointProperties
, fUnitCircleStartAngleDegree, fUnitCircleWidthAngleDegree