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authorAndras Timar <>2018-11-25 17:41:20 +0100
committerAndras Timar <>2018-11-28 13:55:18 +0100
commitea471b508cb90fbaa770f291a40864324d8d74ef (patch)
parent25ec65bf4b77a5cdb2544527f3d1a262fcb78fe6 (diff)
Do not validate SSL cert in LOK case
Currently we cannot tunnel interaction handler dialog, so if there is a problem with site's SSL cert, the operation (e.g. insert image) would silently fail. As a workaround, let's not validate the remote site's SSL cert, as we also do not validate the site's SSL cert when we download the file through WOPI from the site, in the first place. So this patch does not really make things worse, but makes it possible to use the insert image feature with a self signed cert in test environments. Change-Id: I672ba9016b1555c6d9d8faba8d0a4b2a17adf453 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
1 files changed, 7 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/uui/source/iahndl-ssl.cxx b/uui/source/iahndl-ssl.cxx
index 20688f7a3c9f..d27e273952b9 100644
--- a/uui/source/iahndl-ssl.cxx
+++ b/uui/source/iahndl-ssl.cxx
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include <com/sun/star/ucb/CertificateValidationRequest.hpp>
#include <com/sun/star/uno/Reference.hxx>
+#include <comphelper/lok.hxx>
#include <osl/mutex.hxx>
#include <com/sun/star/uno/Sequence.hxx>
#include <svl/zforlist.hxx>
@@ -256,6 +257,12 @@ handleCertificateValidationRequest_(
uno::Reference< task::XInteractionAbort > xAbort;
getContinuations(rContinuations, &xApprove, &xAbort);
+ if ( comphelper::LibreOfficeKit::isActive() && )
+ {
+ xApprove->select();
+ return;
+ }
sal_Int32 failures = rRequest.CertificateValidity;
bool trustCert = true;