BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
distro/collabora/co-2021tdf#127533 Make Tip-of-the-Day dialog non-modal and allow multiple tips to openMatt K2 hours
distro/collabora/cp-6.4Use FontList::GetFirstFontMetric instead of custom iteration codeMike Kaganski18 hours
distro/lhm/libreoffice-6-4+backportsframework: allow loading a component on the main thread, using XDesktopMiklos Vajna27 hours
distro/vector/vector-7.0sw HTML export: allow larger bitmaps for shapes than the vcl defaultMiklos Vajna21 hours
distro/vector/vector-7.0-10.0sw XHTML/reqif export, OLE data for transparent images: avoid black backgroundMiklos Vajna25 hours
feature/themesupport2Unit test (with the content disabled so far) for the theming.Jan Holesovsky20 hours
libreoffice-7-1Adapt to flatpak-builder 1.0.14 split "dest" + "dest-filename"Stephan Bergmann39 hours
libreoffice-7-2tdf#38187 Create back link from footnote text to anchor in textGeorgy Litvinov73 min.
mastersvx: prefix member variables SdrViewEvent SdrView SdrObjGroupTomaž Vajngerl60 min.
private/tvajngerl/stagingsvx: prefix member variables for SdrTextObj and othersTomaž Vajngerl29 hours
cp-6.4-41commit adfa130c0e...Andras Timar12 hours
cp-6.2-31commit 32489994c3...Andras Timar2 days
libreoffice- c6974f7afe...Christian Lohmaier4 days
libreoffice-7-2-branch-pointcommit ff2ba77f22...Christian Lohmaier4 days
mimo- fa08dbe3d7...Andras Timar10 days
mimo- 7b72e897d1...Andras Timar10 days
libreoffice- a529a4fab4...Christian Lohmaier13 days
cp-6.4-39commit 2f8a1c873a...Andras Timar3 weeks
co-6.4-39commit 3a86bbd5e0...Andras Timar4 weeks
libreoffice- f67b1ddede...Christian Lohmaier4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-12-04lokdialog: Window* -> VclPtr<Window>, and a small simplification.feature/lok_dialog-backportJan Holesovsky4-16/+13
2017-12-04lokdialog: Make the Autofilter popup work in Calc.Jan Holesovsky1-2/+12
2017-12-04lokdialog: sc: Guard autofilter popup's LOK notificationPranav Kant1-1/+2
2017-12-04lokdialog: multiview: Do not mix one view with otherPranav Kant7-30/+22
2017-12-04lokdialog: Merge dialog & dialog child mouse event APIs into onePranav Kant6-136/+54
2017-12-04lokdialog: Rename postDialogKeyEvent -> postWindowKeyEventPranav Kant4-8/+8
2017-12-04lokdialog: Simplify; make the LOK dialog API more genericPranav Kant25-396/+229
2017-12-04lokdialog: Do not underestimate the dialog sizePranav Kant1-2/+2
2017-12-04lokdialog: Kill some code; use already existing method to paintPranav Kant5-25/+1
2017-12-04lokdialog: Allow closing a dialog from LOK clientPranav Kant6-12/+56