BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
distro/collabora/co-2021memcpy-param-overlapStephan Bergmann62 min.
distro/collabora/cp-6.4tdf#142326: Adapt to "libstdc++: Implement LWG 1203 for rvalue iostreams"Stephan Bergmann38 min.
distro/lhm/libreoffice-6-4+backportsframework: allow loading a component on the main thread, using XDesktopMiklos Vajna4 hours
distro/vector/vector-7.0sw XHTML / reqif export: handle multiple lists when detecting header-only listsMiklos Vajna2 hours
distro/vector/vector-7.0-10.0sw XHTML/reqif export, OLE data for transparent images: avoid black backgroundMiklos Vajna2 hours
feature/cib_contract6721bavoid windres preprocessor quoting-messups with current cygwinThorsten Behrens19 hours
libreoffice-7-1Adapt to flatpak-builder 1.0.14 split "dest" + "dest-filename"Stephan Bergmann16 hours
libreoffice-7-2sw XHTML / reqif export: handle multiple lists when detecting header-only listsMiklos Vajna3 hours
mastersw HTML export: allow larger bitmaps for shapes than the vcl defaultMiklos Vajna13 min.
private/tvajngerl/stagingsvx: prefix member variables for SdrTextObj and othersTomaž Vajngerl5 hours
cp-6.2-31commit 32489994c3...Andras Timar27 hours
libreoffice- c6974f7afe...Christian Lohmaier3 days
libreoffice-7-2-branch-pointcommit ff2ba77f22...Christian Lohmaier3 days
mimo- fa08dbe3d7...Andras Timar9 days
mimo- 7b72e897d1...Andras Timar9 days
libreoffice- a529a4fab4...Christian Lohmaier12 days
cp-6.4-39commit 2f8a1c873a...Andras Timar3 weeks
co-6.4-39commit 3a86bbd5e0...Andras Timar4 weeks
libreoffice- f67b1ddede...Christian Lohmaier4 weeks
libreoffice- 94c1521be4...Christian Lohmaier5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-07-18tdf#99680 modified clipping for PDF exportfeature/cib_contract152bVasily Melenchuk1-5/+6
2017-04-25update creditslibreoffice-5-2Christian Lohmaier1-1754/+1801
2017-04-25Updated coreChristian Lohmaier1-0/+0
2017-04-25tdf#107159 EMF+ Add support for EmfPlusDrawArc recordBartosz Kosiorek1-4/+13
2017-04-25Resolves: tdf#99625 add parameter classification for TEXTJOIN and CONCATEike Rathke1-0/+2
2017-04-25nss: upgrade to release 3.29.5Michael Stahl9-96/+53
2017-04-24ofz#1220 sanitize nTyp to legal valuesCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
2017-04-21add ICU changeset-39671 fix for CVE-2017-7867 CVE-2017-7868Eike Rathke2-0/+190
2017-04-21ofz#1193 we only set these values, never read themCaolán McNamara4-14/+1
2017-04-20vcl: protect Window from exceptions during construction.Michael Meeks1-2/+8