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+libnice 0.1.2 (2012-04-03)
+Fix a bug where a controlled agent may never go to READY if it received early conncheck
+Restart connchecks on a failed candidate pair when receiving a triggered check
+Fix a bug where gathering-done signal could be sent before UPnP mapping finishes
+Fix a race condition where setting remote-candidates on a gathered stream failed if another stream was gathering
+Many fixes to complete and stabilize TURN support
+Fix a bug in proxy support where TURN packets were misread
+Refactor libnice to use GSocket which works around a glib limitation of g_io_channel on windows
+Fix a bug with receiving error messages during conncheck
+Fix a possible infinite loop bug
+Fix memory leaks and multi-threaded race conditions
+Better compatibility for BSD and Mingw
+Added support files for Visual Studio compilation
+Various fixes to UPnP support
+Fixes to the build system
libnice 0.1.1 (2011-09-07)
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@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ AC_PREREQ(2.59c)
dnl releases only do -Wall, cvs and prerelease does -Werror too
dnl use a three digit version number for releases, and four for cvs/prerelease
+AC_INIT(libnice, 0.1.2)
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([
# If there was an incompatible interface change:
# Increment CURRENT. Set AGE and REVISION to 0
LIBNICE_LT_LDFLAGS="-version-info ${LIBNICE_LIBVERSION} -no-undefined"