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@@ -2,13 +2,13 @@ GStreamer 1.18 Release Notes
GStreamer 1.18.0 was originally released on 8 September 2020.
-The latest bug-fix release in the 1.18 series is 1.18.5 and was released
-on 8 September 2021.
+The latest bug-fix release in the 1.18 series is 1.18.6 and was released
+on 2 February 2022.
See for the latest
version of this document.
-Last updated: Wednesday 8 September 2021, 11:00 UTC (log)
+Last updated: Wednesday 2 February 2022, 11:30 UTC (log)
@@ -2103,9 +2103,8 @@ Possibly Breaking Changes
Known Issues
- GStreamer 1.18 versions <= 1.18.4 would fail to build on Linux with
- Meson 0.58 due to an issue with the include directories. Either
- apply the patch or build with an older Meson version (<= 0.57) until
- there is a GStreamer 1.18.5 release that includes the fix.
+ Meson 0.58 due to an issue with the include directories.
+ GStreamer >= 1.18.5 includes a fix for this.
@@ -3183,16 +3182,180 @@ List of merge requests and issues fixed in 1.18.5
- List of Merge Requests applied in 1.18.5
- List of Issues fixed in 1.18.5
-Schedule for 1.20
+The sixth 1.18 bug-fix release (1.18.6) was released on 2 February 2022.
+This release only contains bugfixes and security fixes and it should be
+safe to update from 1.18.x.
+Highlighted bugfixes in 1.18.6
+- tagdemux: Fix crash when presented with malformed files (security
+ fix)
+- video-converter: Fix broken gamma remap with high bitdepth YUV
+ output
+- shout2send: Fix issues with libshout >= 2.4.2
+- mxfdemux: fix regression with VANC tracks that only contains packet
+ types we don’t handle
+- Better plugin loading error reporting on Windows
+- Fixes for deprecations in Python 3.10
+- build fixes, memory leak fixes, reliability fixes
+- security fixes
+- gstplugin: Fix for UWP build
+- gstplugin: Better warnings on plugin load failure on Windows
+- gst-ptp-helper: Do not disable multicast loopback
+- concat: fix qos event handling
+- pluginfeature: Fix object leak
+- baseparse: fix invalid avg_bitrate after reset
+- multiqueue: Fix query unref race on flush
+- gst: Initialize optional event/message fields when parsing
+- bitwriter: Fix the trailing bits lost when getting its data.
+- multiqueue: never consider a queue that is not waiting
+- input-selector: Use proper segments when cleaning cached buffers
+- tagdemux: Fix crash when presented with malformed files (security
+ fix)
+- videoencoder: make sure the buffer is writable before modifying
+ metadata
+- video-converter: Fix for broken gamma remap with high bitdepth YUV
+ output
+- sdpmessage: fix mapping single char fmtp params
+- oggdemux: fix a race in push mode when performing the duration seek
+- uridecodebin: Fix critical warnings
+- audio-converter: Fix resampling when there’s nothing to output
+- tcp: fix build on Solaris
+- uridecodebin3: Nullify current item after all play items are freed.
+- audio-resampler: Fix segfault when we can’t output any frames
+- urisourcebin: Handle sources with dynamic pads and pads already
+ present
+- playbin2/3: autoplug/caps: don’t expand caps to ANY
+- uridecodebin3/urisourcebin: Reusability fixes
+- rtspconnection: Only reset timeout when socket is unused
+- gstvideoaggregator.c: fix build with gcc 4.8
+- rtspsrc: Fix critical while serializing timeout element message
+- multifilesrc: fix caps leak
+- shout2: Add compatibility for libshout >= 2.4.2 shout_open return
+ values
+- v4l2: Update fmt if padded height is greater than fmt height
+- v4l2bufferpool: set video alignment of video meta
+- qtmux: fix deadlock in gst_qt_mux_prepare_moov_recovery
+- matroska: Add support for muxing/demuxing ffv1
+- qtdemux: Try to build AAC codec-data whenever it’s possible
+- interlace: Fix a double-unref on shutdown
+- webrtcbin: Chain up to parent constructed method
+- webrtc: fix log error message in function
+ gst_webrtc_bin_set_local_description
+- mxfdemux: don’t error out if VANC track only contains packets we
+ don’t handle
+- av1parser: Fix data type of film grain param
+- assrender: Support RFC8081 mime types
+- pitch: Specify layout as required for negotiation
+- magicleap: update lumin_rt libraries names to the latest official
+ version
+- codecs: h265decoder: Fix per-slice leak
+- mpeg4videoparse: fix criticals trying to insert configs that don’t
+ exist yet
+- webrtcbin: Always set SINK/SRC flags
+- mpegtspacketizer: memcmp potentially seen_before data
+- zxing: update to support version 1.1.1
+- No changes
+- avcodecmap: Add support for GBRA_10LE/BE
+- rtsp-stream: fix get_rates raciness
+- rtsp-media: Only unprepare a media if it was not already unpreparing
+ anyway
+- rtsp-media: Unprepare suspended medias too
+- rtsp-client: make sure sessmedia will not get freed while used
+- rtsp-media: Also mark receive-only (RECORD) medias as prepared when
+ unsuspending
+- rtsp-session: Don’t unref medias twice if it is removed inside…
+- examples: Fix leak in appsrc2 example
+- libs: video-format: Check if formats map is not NULL
+- vaapidecode: Autogenerate caps template
+- vaapipostproc: copy over metadata also when using system allocated
+ buffer
+- Avoid treating float as int (fix for Python 3.10)
+- meson: Remove duplicate definition of ‘examples’ option
-Our next major feature release will be 1.20, and 1.19 will be the
-unstable development version leading up to the stable 1.20 release. The
-development of 1.19/1.20 will happen in the git master branch.
+- No changes
+- No changes
+- env: Fix deprecations from python 3.10
+- Various fixes for macOS
+- update FFmpeg wrap to 4.3.3
+Cerbero build tool and packaging changes in 1.18.6
+- Some fixes for Fedora 34
+- cerbero: Backport fix for removed loop param of PriorityQueue()
+- cerbero: Fix support for Fedora 35
+- Add support for Visual Studio 2022
+- openssl.recipe: Fix crash on iOS TestFlight
+- UnixBootstrapper: remove sudo as root user
+- bzip2.recipe: bump version to 1.0.8
+- openssl.recipe: upgrade to version 1.1.1l
+Contributors to 1.18.6
+Antonio Ospite, Célestin Marot, Dave Piché, Erlend Eriksen, Fabrice
+Fontaine, Guillaume Desmottes, Haihua Hu, He Junyan, Jakub Adam, Jan
+Alexander Steffens (heftig), Jan Schmidt, Jeremy Cline, Jordan Petridis,
+Mathieu Duponchelle, Matthew Waters, Mengkejiergeli Ba, Michael Gruner,
+Nirbheek Chauhan, Ognyan Tonchev, Pascal Hache, Rafał Dzięgiel,
+Sebastian Dröge, Seungha Yang, Stéphane Cerveau, Teng En Ung,Thibault
+Saunier, Thomas Klausner, Tim-Philipp Müller, Tobias Reineke, Tobias
+Ronge, Tomasz Andrzejak, Trung Do, Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal, Vivia
+… and many others who have contributed bug reports, translations, sent
+suggestions or helped testing. Thank you all!
+List of merge requests and issues fixed in 1.18.6
+- List of Merge Requests applied in 1.18.6
+- List of Issues fixed in 1.18.6
+Schedule for 1.20
-The plan for the 1.20 development cycle is yet to be confirmed, but it
-is now expected that feature freeze will take place some time in
-September/October 2021, with the first 1.20 stable release hopefully
-towards the end of October 2021.
+Our next major feature release will be 1.20, and will be released in
+early February 2022. You can track its progress on the 1.20 Release
+Notes page.
1.20 will be backwards-compatible to the stable 1.18, 1.16, 1.14, 1.12,
1.10, 1.8, 1.6, 1.4, 1.2 and 1.0 release series.