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@@ -2,13 +2,13 @@ GStreamer 1.18 Release Notes
GStreamer 1.18.0 was originally released on 8 September 2020.
-The latest bug-fix release in the 1.18 series is 1.18.3 and was released
-on 13 January 2021.
+The latest bug-fix release in the 1.18 series is 1.18.4 and was released
+on 15 March 2021.
See for the latest
version of this document.
-Last updated: Wednesday 13 January 2021, 20:00 UTC (log)
+Last updated: Monday 15 March 2021, 13:00 UTC (log)
@@ -2717,6 +2717,168 @@ List of merge requests and issues fixed in 1.18.3
- List of Merge Requests applied in 1.18.3
- List of Issues fixed in 1.18.3
+The fourth 1.18 bug-fix release (1.18.4) was released on 15 March 2021.
+This release only contains bugfixes and security fixes and it should be
+safe to update from 1.18.x.
+Highlighted bugfixes in 1.18.4
+- important security fixes for ID3 tag reading, matroska and realmedia
+ parsing, and gst-libav audio decoding
+- audiomixer, audioaggregator: input buffer handling fixes
+- decodebin3: improve stream-selection message handling
+- uridecodebin3: make “caps” property work
+- wavenc: fix writing of INFO chunks in some cases
+- v4l2: bt601 colorimetry, allow encoder resolution changes, fix
+ decoder frame rate negotiation
+- decklinkvideosink: fix auto format detection, and fixes for 29.97fps
+ framerate output
+- mpeg-2 video handling fixes when seeking
+- avviddec: fix bufferpool negotiation and possible memory corruption
+ when changing resolution
+- various stability, performance and reliability improvements
+- memory leak fixes
+- build fixes: rpicamsrc, qt overlay example, d3d11videosink on UWP
+- info: Don’t leak log function user_data if the debug system is
+ compiled out
+- task: Use SetThreadDescription() Win32 API for setting thread names,
+ which preserves thread names in dump files.
+- buffer, memory: Mark info in map functions as caller-allocates and
+ pass allocation params as const pointers where possible
+- clock: define AUTO_CLEANUP_FREE_FUNC for GstClockID
+- tag: id3v2: fix frame size check and potential invalid reads
+- audio: Fix gst_audio_buffer_truncate() meta handling for
+ non-interleaved audio
+- audioresample: respect buffer layout when draining
+- audioaggregator: fix input_buffer ownership
+- decodebin3: change stream selection message owner, so that the app
+ sends the stream-selection event to the right element
+- rtspconnection: correct data_size when tunneled mode
+- uridecodebin3: make caps property work
+- video-converter: Don’t upsample invalid lines
+- videodecoder: Fix racy critical when pool negotiation occurs during
+ flush
+- video: Convert gst_video_info_to_caps() to take self as const ptr
+- examples: added qt core dependency for qt overlay example
+- matroskademux: header parsing fixes
+- rpicamsrc: depend on posix threads and vchiq_arm to fix build on
+ raspios again
+- wavenc: Fixed INFO chunk corruption, caused by odd sized data not
+ being padded
+- wavpackdec: Add floating point format support to fix distortions in
+ some cases
+- v4l2: recognize V4L2 bt601 colorimetry again
+- v4l2videoenc: support resolution change stream encode
+- v4l2h265codec: fix HEVC profile string issue
+- v4l2object: Need keep same transfer as input caps
+- v4l2videodec: Fix vp8 and vp9 streams can’t play on board with
+ vendor bsp
+- v4l2videodec: fix src side frame rate negotiation
+- avwait: Don’t post messages with the mutex locked
+- d3d11h264dec: Reconfigure decoder object on DPB size change and keep
+ track of actually configured DPB size
+- dashsink: fix double unref of sinkpad caps
+- decklinkvideosink: Use correct numerator for 29.97fps
+- decklinkvideosink: fix auto format detection
+- decklinksrc: Use a more accurate capture time
+- d3d11videosink: Fix build error on UWP
+- interlace: negotiation and buffer leak fixes
+- mpegvideoparse: do not clip, so decoder receives data from keyframe
+ even if it’s before the segment start
+- mpegtsparse: Fix switched DTS/PTS when set-timestamps=false
+- nvh264sldec: Reopen decoder object if larger DPB size is required
+- sdpsrc: fix double free if sdp is provided as string via the
+ property
+- vulkan: Fix elements long name.
+- rmdemux: Make sure we have enough data available when parsing
+ audio/video packets
+- avviddec: take the maximum of the height/coded_height
+- viddec: don’t configure an incorrect buffer pool when receiving a
+ gap event
+- audiodec: fix stack overflow in gst_ffmpeg_channel_layout_to_gst()
+- rtspclientsink: fix deadlock on shutdown if no data has been
+ received yet
+- rtspclientsink: fix leaks in unit tests
+- rtsp-stream: avoid deadlock in send_func
+- rtsp-client: cleanup transports during TEARDOWN
+- h264 encoder: append encoder exposure to aud
+- postproc: Fix a problem of propose_allocation when passthrough
+- glx: Iterate over FBConfig and select 8 bit color size
+- no changes
+- no changes
+- no changes
+- group: Use proper group constructor
+- no changes
+- no changes
+Cerbero build tool and packaging changes in 1.18.4
+- macOS: more BigSur fixes
+- glib: Backport patch to set thread names on Windows 10
+Contributors to 1.18.4
+Alicia Boya García, Ashley Brighthope, Bing Song, Branko Subasic, Edward
+Hervey, Guillaume Desmottes, Haihua Hu, He Junyan, Hou Qi, Jan Alexander
+Steffens (heftig), Jeongki Kim, Jordan Petridis, Knobe, Kristofer
+Björkström, Marijn Suijten, Matthew Waters, Paul Goulpié, Philipp Zabel,
+Rafał Dzięgiel, Sebastian Dröge, Seungha Yang, Staz M, Stéphane Cerveau,
+Thibault Saunier, Tim-Philipp Müller, Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal, Vivia
+Nikolaidou, Vladimir Menshakov,
+… and many others who have contributed bug reports, translations, sent
+suggestions or helped testing. Thank you all!
+List of merge requests and issues fixed in 1.18.4
+- List of Merge Requests applied in 1.18.4
+- List of Issues fixed in 1.18.4
Schedule for 1.20
Our next major feature release will be 1.20, and 1.19 will be the
@@ -2724,9 +2886,9 @@ unstable development version leading up to the stable 1.20 release. The
development of 1.19/1.20 will happen in the git master branch.
The plan for the 1.20 development cycle is yet to be confirmed, but it
-is now expected that feature freeze will take place some time in
-January/February 2021, with the first 1.20 stable release hopefully
-around February/March 2021.
+is now expected that feature freeze will take place some time in April
+2021, with the first 1.20 stable release hopefully around April/May
1.20 will be backwards-compatible to the stable 1.18, 1.16, 1.14, 1.12,
1.10, 1.8, 1.6, 1.4, 1.2 and 1.0 release series.