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# GStreamer 1.10 Release Notes
-**GStreamer 1.10.0 was released on 1st November 2016.**
+GStreamer 1.10.0 was originally released on 1st November 2016.
+The latest bug-fix release in the 1.10 series is [1.10.1](#1.10.1) and was
+released on 17 November 2016.
The GStreamer team is proud to announce a new major feature release in the
stable 1.x API series of your favourite cross-platform multimedia framework!
@@ -11,7 +13,7 @@ improvements.
See [][latest] for the latest
version of this document.
-*Last updated: Tuesday 1 Nov 2016, 15:00 UTC [(log)][gitlog]*
+*Last updated: Tuesday 17 Nov 2016, 15:00 UTC [(log)][gitlog]*
@@ -39,7 +41,7 @@ improvements.
- A new `gst-docs` module has been created, and we are in the process of moving
our documentation to a markdown-based format for easier maintenance and
-- A new `gst-examples` module has been create, which contains example
+- A new `gst-examples` module has been created, which contains example
GStreamer applications and is expected to grow with many more examples in
the future
- Various OpenGL and OpenGL|ES-related fixes and improvements for greater
@@ -1073,6 +1075,30 @@ which is a stable branch.
1.10.0 was released on 1st November 2016.
+<a name="1.10.1"></a>
+### 1.10.1
+The first 1.10 bug-fix release (1.10.1) was released on 17 November 2016.
+This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to update from 1.10.x.
+#### Major bugfixes in 1.10.1
+ - Security-relevant bugfix in the vmnc decoder (no CVE)
+ - Various bugfixes to playbin3/decodebin3
+ - Fix error at the end of playing any WAV file
+ - Fix usability of androidmedia plugin if the camera or sensor API is not
+ available, but codecs are
+ - Handle redirections on PLAY, and missing control attribute in the RTSP source
+ - Various OpenGL related bugfixes
+ - ... and many, many more!
+For a full list of bugfixes see [Bugzilla][buglist-1.10.1]. Note that this is
+not the full list of changes. For the full list of changes please refer to the
+GIT logs or ChangeLogs of the particular modules.
## Known Issues
- iOS builds with iOS 6 SDK and old C++ STL. You need to select iOS 6 instead
@@ -1083,9 +1109,6 @@ which is a stable branch.
- Building applications with Android NDK r13 on Windows does not work. Other
platforms and earlier/later versions of the NDK are not affected.
[Bug #772842](
-- The new leaks tracer may deadlock the application (or exhibit other undefined
- behaviour) when `SIGUSR` handling is enabled via the `GST_LEAKS_TRACER_SIG`
- environment variable. [Bug #770373](
- vp8enc crashes on 32 bit Windows, but was working fine in 1.6. 64 bit Windows is unaffected.
[Bug #763663](