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2005-03-04More work on subclassing the sinks from the basesink.BRANCH-THREADEDWim Taymans10-26/+792
2005-02-20gst/avi/gstavidemux.c: Implement accurate seeking, fix keyframe seeking.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+10
2005-02-20examples/seeking/seek.c: Add realtime scrubbing to the seek example.Jan Schmidt1-4/+47
2005-02-16Fix compilation again.Wim Taymans2-10/+54
2005-02-11remove buffer_joinThomas Vander Stichele1-1/+6
2005-02-05examples/seeking/seek.c: Add AVI pipeline.Ronald S. Bultje7-796/+492
2005-02-01ext/gnomevfs/: Disable gnomevfssink for now, make gnomevfssrc work.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+13
2005-02-01gst/playback/NOTE: Add note on autoplugging in 0.9 (basically duplicate of Da...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+7
2005-01-31Fix the demuxer again.Wim Taymans1-0/+25
2005-01-26Some small fixes.Wim Taymans1-0/+33
2005-01-11No more bytestream.Wim Taymans1-0/+10
2005-01-11Clock fixes.Wim Taymans17-100/+221
2005-01-07Fix osssink state changes.Wim Taymans1-0/+30
2005-01-07Handle EOS in oggdemux. Activate chains on BOS pages.Wim Taymans2-2/+36
2005-01-06Ogg fixes. xvimagesink clock unscheduling for faster state changes.Wim Taymans2-2/+46
2005-01-04Implement flushing.Wim Taymans2-10/+54
2004-12-31First attempt at seeking in ogg vorbis.Wim Taymans4-10/+52
2004-12-31Ogg demuxer updates, uses decoder plugin internally to convert granulepos to ...Wim Taymans2-1/+86
2004-12-29Various plugin updates.Wim Taymans3-78/+128
2004-12-20Added new dirWim Taymans1-0/+1
2004-12-20Various plugin updates to have something to play with.Wim Taymans15-144/+508
2004-12-07fix licensing of monoscopeChristian Schaller1-0/+8
2004-12-07fix licensing information for monoscope pluginChristian Schaller1-0/+6
2004-12-06set correct buffer durations in mp3parse, set default_duration in matroskamux...Arwed v. Merkatz2-3/+12
2004-12-06ext/alsa/gstalsa.*: refactor big chunks of the core caps negotiation code to ...Benjamin Otte1-0/+8
2004-12-06ext/a52dec/gsta52dec.*: Do something useful with timestamps. Make chain-based...Ronald S. Bultje3-116/+122
2004-12-04gst/apetag/apedemux.c: Forward tags, too.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+6
2004-12-04gst/apetag/apedemux.c: Let's make sure we're done typefinding when detecting ...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+5
2004-12-03gst/matroska/: Disgustingly evil hack for working around INTERRUPT events and...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+16
2004-12-03ext/musepack/gstmusepackdec.cpp: There's also floating point libmusepacks.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+5
2004-12-03ext/faad/gstfaad.c: Set DURATION even if source buffer didn't. Also use incre...Ronald S. Bultje2-1/+11
2004-12-02gst/law/: Fix caps.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+8
2004-12-01sys/v4l/v4l_calls.c: Fix logic bug.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+5
2004-12-01ext/ogg/gstoggdemux.c: Yay, another one.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+5
2004-12-01ext/esd/esdsink.c: Make error actually say something useful (fixes #156798).Ronald S. Bultje2-0/+17
2004-12-01ext/mad/gstmad.c: fix xing header detection on mono and stereo mp3 files.Christophe Fergeau2-9/+9
2004-12-01add latest additions to the spec fileChristian Schaller1-6/+11
2004-12-01gst/playback/gstplaybasebin.c: Don't crash on EMPTY caps (e.g. when the demux...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+6
2004-12-01ext/faad/gstfaad.c: Oops, remove debug.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+5
2004-12-01gst/law/: Prevent warnings when negotiating caps (fixes #159338).Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+8
2004-12-01gst/ffmpegcolorspace/gstffmpegcolorspace.c: Remove old leftover that shouldn'...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+6
2004-12-01gst-libs/gst/riff/riff-read.c: Don't forward DISCONT events (fixes #159684).Ronald S. Bultje2-1/+8
2004-12-01gst/playback/gstplaybin.c: Unlink manually since sometimes bin disposal (and ...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+7
2004-11-29gst/playback/gststreaminfo.c: On mute of an unlinked stream, check for pad av...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+6
2004-11-29gst/avi/gstavidemux.c: Fix quite humiliating bug in omitting 0-sized index ch...Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+7
2004-11-29ext/a52dec/gsta52dec.c: Actually leave the loop if we failed to sync. Don't c...Ronald S. Bultje2-4/+20
2004-11-28gst/mpegstream/gstdvddemux.*: Fix crash (#159759). Doesn't work, though. :-(.Ronald S. Bultje3-7/+40
2004-11-28gst/audioconvert/gstchannelmix.c: more overwriting protection due to modifyin...Benjamin Otte1-0/+6
2004-11-28gst/audioconvert/gstchannelmix.c: Normalize using absolute values.Ronald S. Bultje1-0/+6
2004-11-28Adding a first version of directfbvideosink.Julien Moutte3-0/+47