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+When porting a plugin start with 0.8 CVS head, not the old code in this module. There are many bugfixes which have gone into 0.8 which you want to keep.
+List of ported plugins (update when you commit a ported plugin):
+effectv (wim)
+mad (wim)
+videofilter (wim)
+aalib (wim)
+libcaca (zeeshan)
+law (wim)
+shout2 (zaheer) - not fully tested
+esdsink (arwed)
+osssink is partially done in the threaded branch (wim)
+- Remember that some plugins are already ported and now in the gst-plugins-base module.
+When you have ported a plugin remember to copy the relevant parts from into and re-enable it in the files.