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authorThiago Santos <>2013-09-24 10:08:10 -0700
committerSebastian Dröge <>2013-09-30 10:22:55 +0200
commita6b510218794dfcd3789714427f09fdc4ed8e2e9 (patch)
parent70c46e807864b405fc116e72aedb5312fe0977b1 (diff)
asfdemux: Only use segment.start as seek_time if it is relative
Relying on the gst_segment_do_seek results for getting the seeking time should not be used if seek type is SET because the do_seek function makes the 'cur` position of the seek normalized on the segment range. This means that seeking beyond the end of the file might not result in instant EOS as it will end up seeking to the final ts of the file. In asf seeking to the final timestamp can lead to seeking to the last keyframe, meaning a few seconds of video will still be played, which should not be the desired behavior when seeking beyong file limits.
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/gst/asfdemux/gstasfdemux.c b/gst/asfdemux/gstasfdemux.c
index ec44035f..4c4278dc 100644
--- a/gst/asfdemux/gstasfdemux.c
+++ b/gst/asfdemux/gstasfdemux.c
@@ -719,7 +719,10 @@ gst_asf_demux_handle_seek_event (GstASFDemux * demux, GstEvent * event)
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (demux, "seeking to time %" GST_TIME_FORMAT ", segment: "
"%" GST_SEGMENT_FORMAT, GST_TIME_ARGS (segment.start), &segment);
- seek_time = segment.start;
+ if (cur_type != GST_SEEK_TYPE_SET)
+ seek_time = segment.start;
+ else
+ seek_time = cur;
/* FIXME: should check the KEY_UNIT flag; need to adjust position to
* real start of data and segment_start to indexed time for key unit seek*/