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2016-06-16tests/glcontext: link against gstvideo for gst_video_info_*Matthew Waters1-1/+2
fixes make distcheck complaining about it.
2016-06-16tests/glcontext: update test for gen,del_texture removalMatthew Waters1-7/+21
2016-05-30player: inhibit signals after gst_player_stop() has been calledGuillaume Desmottes1-0/+139
Also wait for the state change to STOP to have been announced before destroying the player so it won't appear as leaked by leak detector tools.
2016-05-30player: handle uri-loaded in testGuillaume Desmottes1-23/+66
Had to adapt the existing tests because of this new callback.
2016-05-24pnm: Add a basic unit testJan Schmidt2-0/+126
Test that we can run an encode / decode cycle in various formats without errors
2016-05-21player: use gst_check_init() in testGuillaume Desmottes1-1/+1
Calling GST_DEBUG() in test rely on the default category to be defined, which is done in gst_check_init().
2016-05-19examples: opencv: typo fixMartin Kelly2-2/+2
2016-04-22tests: adaptivedemux: only check for data length after seekThiago Santos2-4/+8
When the test involves doing a seek, only check for data size after the seek. The final segment range after seek might be different/smaller than the threshold for doing the seek and doing the check before seeking would fail.
2016-04-22adaptivedemux: tests: use macro to define names of request and response structsFlorin Apostol2-6/+22
Following the Don't Repeat Yourself principle, define macros for the structures that contain the request and response headers, so that the name is not repeated in multiple places in multiple files.
2016-04-22adaptivedemux: tests: improved checks for expected dataFlorin Apostol2-7/+26
Check the size of received data for each buffer received by AppSink
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: added content protection testFlorin Apostol3-1/+227
Test content protection Configure 3 content protection sources: - a uuid scheme/value pair - a non uuid scheme/value pair (dash recognises only uuid schemes) - a complex uuid scheme, with trailing spaces and capital letters in scheme uri Only the uuid scheme should be recognised. We expect to receive 2 content protection events
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: added test for media download error for in stream fragmentFlorin Apostol1-0/+87
Tested download error for a fragment that is not the last media fragment in the stream.
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: added test for download errors during header downloadFlorin Apostol1-0/+89
Test header download error. Let the adaptive demux download a few bytes, then instruct the GstTestHTTPSrc element to generate an error while the fragment header is still being downloaded.
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: refactor testFragmentDownloadErrorFlorin Apostol3-43/+42
Renamed testFragmentDownloadError to testMediaDownloadErrorLastFragment. Added gst_adaptive_demux_test_unexpected_eos function. Remove unneeded testFragmentDownloadErrorCheckSizeOfDataReceived.
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: tested latency queryFlorin Apostol1-1/+18
Updated query test to also check if dash responds correctly to a latency query.
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: moved testQuery after testFragmentDownloadErrorFlorin Apostol1-119/+119
Moved testQuery after testFragmentDownloadError so that testDownloadError and testFragmentDownloadError are grouped together. The commit just moved the testQueryCheckDataReceived and GST_START_TEST (testQuery) functions but git gets confused in matching the lines and reports a lot of changes in the patch.
2016-04-22adaptivedemux: tests: create a GstDashDemuxTestCase classFlorin Apostol3-31/+110
Create a GstDashDemuxTestCase class that extends from GstAdaptiveDemuxTestCase. This new class will contain all the DASH specific fields.
2016-04-22dashdemux: tests: added support to pass various parameters to http src callbacksFlorin Apostol1-45/+123
Added support to pass various parameters to http src callbacks using GstStructure.
2016-04-22check: Fix LDADD/CFLAGS for player unit testEdward Hervey1-1/+2
It now requires libgstvideo
2016-04-21adaptivedemux: tests: use a GstTestClock as the system clockFlorin Apostol2-0/+52
To allow the adaptivedemux live stream tests to run in non-realtime, use a GstTestClock as the system clock. This allows the unit tests to complete more quickly than if they had to complete in real time.
2016-04-18videoaggregator: properly handle interlace-mode restrictionsThiago Santos1-1/+166
videoaggregator can't handle interlace-mode changes so it must always restrict itself to the first interlacing mode it receives. Tests included
2016-04-05dashdemux: unit testing reproducing segment duration overflowFlorin Apostol1-0/+98
unit test reproducing With minor changes by Vincent Penquerc'h.
2016-03-31tests: mssdemux: do not use gst_object_unref for pure GObject*Thiago Santos1-5/+5
Deallocate GObject* with g_object_unref instead of gst_object_unref. Even if it works now, it is confusing and in the future it might not work if any GstObject specifics are added.
2016-03-31dashdemux: tests: use g_object_unref for test dataFlorin Apostol1-7/+7
The GstDashDemuxTestCase object is allocated using g_object_newv but in many places was being deallocated using gst_object_unref. This was caused by commit ae3ed25025e34ea9b09df59d22d7ebd7294560bc.
2016-03-31gl/tests/pipelines: add custom _CFLAGS and LDADDMatthew Waters1-0/+8
As is done everywhere else. From what I can gather from make -C tests/check V=1 $(GST_PLUGINS_BAD_CFLAGS) is required in order to find in-tree headers as well as srcdir != builddir configurations.
2016-03-31gl/tests: only build the simple-launch-lines test if we have GLMatthew Waters1-2/+2
2016-03-31gl/examples: fix switchvideooverlay for waylandMatthew Waters2-15/+20
and call XInitThreads() for X11
2016-03-31gl/examples: remove duplicated videooverlay exampleMatthew Waters5-491/+1
filtervideooverlay proved the exact same example (only with a extra glfiltercube).
2016-03-31gl/examples/3d: additions for wayland supportMatthew Waters1-0/+15
2016-03-31gl/tests: add missing test to the build systemMatthew Waters2-73/+79
Also update it for the current api
2016-03-28aggregator: Fix leak in unit testSebastian Dröge1-0/+2
GST_PAD_PROBE_HANDLED means that we should've unreffed the probe data, it was handled by us in one way or another.
2016-03-28tests/compositor: Add test for aggregator pad numberingNirbheek Chauhan1-0/+35
Tests that the behaviour in 7a5cb5a473 is being conformed to.
2016-03-24bad: use new gst_element_class_add_static_pad_template()Vineeth TM4-25/+14
2016-03-24gl/gtk: Fix compiler warning in exampleSebastian Dröge1-4/+4
fxtest.c: In function ‘main’: fxtest.c:190:3: error: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code [-Werror=declaration-after-statement] GtkWidget *window; ^~~~~~~~~
2016-03-17gl/examples/qt: restrict the GL API to opengl where neededMatthew Waters3-0/+9
Until the examples are ported to opengl3/gles2, they will not work with any other GL api.
2016-03-17gl/examples/gtk: call XInitThreadsMatthew Waters7-9/+48
Fixes some sporadic X11 threading assertions.
2016-03-10gl/examples/cube*: choose opengl by defaultMatthew Waters2-16/+16
The examples don't work with any other GL API. Also fix the yuv example to not translate the cube out of the clipping area.
2016-03-10gl/examples/fxtest: add needed glupload to the pipelineMatthew Waters1-3/+4
Fixes a negotiation failure in the example
2016-03-08gldisplay: make readding the same context a no-opMatthew Waters1-0/+92
With e38af2304427db908a16bbae0e60aa68be1ba5b5 returning the correct contexts, gst_gl_display_add_context() was susceptible to causing infinte loops when adding the same GstGLContext more than once. Fix and add a test for gst_gl_display_add_context(). Fixes glvideomixer gst-validate tests.
2016-03-05gtk: examples: #define GST_USE_UNSTABLE_API and link with X11_LIBSSebastian Dröge1-4/+8
X11_LIBS is needed for XInitThreads() and without the #define we get warnings about the GL API being still unstable.
2016-02-26adaptivedemux: handle snap seeking without setting any positionThiago Santos1-10/+39
When the start_type is GST_SEEK_TYPE_NONE for a forward seek (or stop_type for a reverse) is not set on a snap seeking operation, the element should use the current position and then snap as requested. Also fixes uninitialized variable complaint by clang about 'ts' variable.
2016-02-26opus: remove Opus encoder/decoder, moved to -baseTim-Philipp Müller3-346/+0
2016-02-25hlsdemux: tests: pass test name into test setup functionAlex Ashley1-5/+6
All hlsdemux tests create a GstStructure called "state" that can be used by test cases to store information during a test. The name of this structure is arbitrary. When the code was written, the intention was to use the name of the test, to aid debugging. However, during development this was lost, so that the state GstStructure is always given the name "setup_test_variables". This commit changes this so that the name of the test is used.
2016-02-25tests: compositor: drop special case for valgrind timeoutThiago Santos1-11/+0
The default one is 6 minutes, the test was using 5 minutes so just resort to using the default. For the non-valgrind test also use the default 20 secs instead of reducing it to 6s. No real reason to set a custom value here.
2016-02-25tests: compositor: add tests for caps queriesThiago Santos1-69/+80
Verifies that proper caps are returned based on what downstream restricts.
2016-02-25videoaggregator: fix caps queries to allow proper renegotiationThiago Santos1-0/+211
When caps are already negotiated it should be possible to select formats other than the one that was negotiated. If downstream allows alpha video caps and it has already negotiated to a non-alpha format, caps queries should still return the alpha caps as a possible format as caps renegotiation can happen. Includes tests (for compositor) to check that caps queries done after a caps has been negotiated returns complete results
2016-02-16tests: remove test files no longer neededTim-Philipp Müller4-4/+1
2016-02-16mpg123: move plugin from -bad to -uglyTim-Philipp Müller3-547/+1
2016-02-12netsim: Add netsim elementStian Selnes2-0/+66
Resurrected from the Farstream repository and given an overhaul to fix races, deadlocks etc.
2016-02-09mpdparser: renamed gst_mpd_client_get_next_segment_availability_end_time to ↵Florin Apostol1-12/+15
gst_mpd_client_get_next_segment_availability_start_time The function actually returns the segment availability start time (as defined by the standard). That is at the end of the segment, but it is called availability start time. Availability end time is something else (the time when the segment is no longer available on the server). The function name was misleading.