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2019-05-06meson: fix build with opencv=enabled and opencv4. Fixes #964Christoph Reiter1-2/+4
Having the opencv feature enabled would lead to the opencv3 dependency being required which failed with only opencv4 being available. Instead don't require anything and error out at the end if the feature was enabled but no dependency was found.
2019-05-05autotools: gstsctp: set LDFLAGSChristoph Reiter1-0/+5
This fixes the mingw build which failed because of "-no-undefined" missing.
2018-08-02wasapisink: fix regression in shared mode segment sizeChristoph Reiter1-3/+9
In commit fd806628a8 (839cc3926 in the stable branch) I changed the segment size to match exactly the buffer size. I missed that this is only valid in exclusive mode and in shared mode the buffer size is a multiple of the device period. Revert the logic for the shared mode.
2018-05-25wasapisink: recover from low buffer levels in shared modeChristoph Reiter1-27/+47
In case the wasapi buffer levels got low in shared mode we would still wait until more buffer is available until writing something in it, which means we could never catch up and recover. Instead only wait for a new buffer in case the existing one is full and always write what we can. Also don't loop until all data is written since the base class can handle that for us and under normal circumstances this doesn't happen anyway. This only works in shared mode, as in exclusive mode we have to exactly fill the buffer and always have to wait first. This fixes noisy (buffer underrun) playback with the wasapisink under load.
2018-05-25wasapisink: fix a rounding error when calculating the buffer frame countChristoph Reiter1-3/+5
The calculation for the frame count in the non-aligned case resulted in a one too low buffer frame count. This resulted in: 1) exclusive mode not working as the frame count has to match exactly there. 2) Buffer underruns in shared mode as the current write() code doesn't handle catching up to low buffer levels (fixed in the next commit) To fix just use the wasapi API to get the buffer size which will always be correct.
2018-05-25wasapisink: fix missing unlock in case IAudioClient_Start failsChristoph Reiter1-1/+2
2018-05-23wasapi: use FAILED to detect errorsChristoph Reiter1-1/+1
S_FALSE is a valid return value which does not indicate an error. For example IAudioClient_Stop() returns S_FALSE when it is already stopped. Use the FAILED macro instead which just checks if an error occured or not. This fixes spurious warnings when using the wasapisink element.
2018-05-23wasapi: Don't pass CoTaskMemFree to g_clear_pointerChristoph Reiter2-2/+4
CoTaskMemFree has a different calling convention than GDestroyNotify and things crash at least with MinGW.
2015-01-15bs2b: add new plugin (Effect/Audio, crossfeed)Christoph Reiter5-0/+513