AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-06-19h264parse: Move PAR calcs, and use them for stereoscopic half-aspectJan Schmidt1-12/+21
2015-06-193dvideo: Add simple gtk example stereoscopic video playerJan Schmidt8-1/+1048
2015-06-19gl: Add glviewconvert, glstereomix and glstereosplit elementsJan Schmidt8-0/+2208
2015-06-19glimagesink: Support multiview/stereoscopic videoJan Schmidt2-100/+459
2015-06-19gl libs: Add glviewconvert helper objectJan Schmidt5-1/+2101
2015-06-18dashdemux: added warnings in gst_mpd_client_setup_streaming functionFlorin Apostol1-4/+7
2015-06-18dashdemux: corrected comments in gstmpdparser.hFlorin Apostol1-3/+3
2015-06-18dashdemux: fixed getting representation based on max bandwidthFlorin Apostol2-1/+70
2015-06-18androidmedia: Allow the application to provide the Java VMSebastian Dröge2-0/+15
2015-06-18androidmedia: Prefer software codecs over hardware codecs for audioSebastian Dröge1-2/+4
2015-06-18androidmedia: Failing to detach a thread is not that much of a problemSebastian Dröge1-1/+1
2015-06-18androidmedia: Don't fail if JNI_CreateJavaVM can't be foundSebastian Dröge1-3/+9
2015-06-18fpsdisplaysink: get rendered and dropped stats from QOS messagesAlessandro Decina1-38/+40
2015-06-16nalutils: trivial patch to check ifVineeth TM1-6/+3
2015-06-16Automatic update of common submoduleNicolas Dufresne1-0/+0
2015-06-15gtkglwidget: Const'ify another arraySebastian Dröge1-1/+1
2015-06-15gtkglwidget: Calculate the viewport size ourselvesSebastian Dröge1-6/+8
2015-06-15gtk: Use the display width/height for the widget's preferred width/heightSebastian Dröge2-4/+4
2015-06-15gtksink: Add support for xRGB/BGRxSebastian Dröge2-6/+14
2015-06-15gtk: Cairo color formats are in native endianness, GStreamer's in memory orderSebastian Dröge2-1/+12
2015-06-15gtk: Implement ignore-alpha property and enable it by defaultSebastian Dröge6-3/+103
2015-06-15gtk: Sync properties from the sink to the widget upon widget creationSebastian Dröge2-4/+4
2015-06-15mpegtsmux: Remove redundant min_dtsNicolas Dufresne2-13/+6
2015-06-15glimagesink: add missing handle-events/ignore-alpha property to the binMatthew Waters1-0/+5
2015-06-15gtk: implement pixel and display aspect ratio handlingMatthew Waters6-12/+239
2015-06-15videoaggregator: Print some debug output if we change the timestamp offsetSebastian Dröge1-0/+4
2015-06-15videoaggregator: Add some more debug outputSebastian Dröge1-0/+4
2015-06-15androidmedia: Move variables into the scope where they are neededSebastian Dröge1-3/+2
2015-06-15videoaggregator: Don't update the ts-offset before updating the actual config...Sebastian Dröge1-9/+0
2015-06-15videoaggregator: Remember if the last LATENCY query returned live or not and ...Sebastian Dröge1-2/+13
2015-06-15androidmedia: Don't query supported color formats for non-video codecsSebastian Dröge1-36/+37
2015-06-15mpegtsmux: fix build errorVineeth TM1-1/+1
2015-06-15gl/examples: update qt examples for api changesMatthew Waters12-43/+39
2015-06-15gtk: silence unused variable warnings for unsupported winsys'Matthew Waters1-1/+8
2015-06-15gtk: implement basic wayland GL supportMatthew Waters1-0/+24
2015-06-14compositor: update zorder documentation.Mathieu Duponchelle1-2/+2
2015-06-14videoaggregator: No need to artificially bound the zorder.Mathieu Duponchelle1-1/+1
2015-06-13codecparsers: mpeg4: actually return full number of bits of resync markerLuis de Bethencourt1-2/+2
2015-06-13Revert "codecparsers: remove ignored increment of return"Tim-Philipp Müller1-1/+1
2015-06-13opensles: Fix build with Android API level < 14Arun Raghavan2-0/+7
2015-06-13openslessink: Allow setting the stream type via a propertyArun Raghavan6-3/+130
2015-06-13openslessrc: Implement recording presetsArun Raghavan7-5/+212
2015-06-13decklinkvideosink: Remove late frame-dropping workaround for basesink bugSebastian Dröge2-44/+0
2015-06-13glmixerbin: implement proper dynamic pad removalMatthew Waters1-9/+11
2015-06-12glimagesink: Don't do pool cachingNicolas Dufresne2-35/+8 Remove reference to cvsNicolas Dufresne1-1/+1
2015-06-12tsdemux: Segment start should match first PTSNicolas Dufresne1-27/+27
2015-06-12tsmux: Add negative DTS supportNicolas Dufresne4-59/+77
2015-06-12tsmux: Remove uneeded cast and cast macroNicolas Dufresne2-3/+1
2015-06-12mpegtsmux: Properly detect backward DTSNicolas Dufresne1-2/+7