BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.10Automatic update of common submoduleTim-Philipp Müller4 years
1.12Release 1.12.5Tim-Philipp Müller4 years
1.14Release 1.14.5Tim-Philipp Müller3 years
1.16Release 1.16.3Tim-Philipp Müller13 months
1.18magicleap: update lumin_rt libraries names to the latest official versionAntonio Ospite4 weeks
1.2tests: Take account of memory alignment in shm testOlivier Crête8 years
1.4bayer: update ORC filesWim Taymans6 years
1.6Update RELEASE with more bug details after releaseTim-Philipp Müller6 years
1.8tests: fix lib and cflags order in Makefile.amTim-Philipp Müller5 years
masterRelease 1.19.2Tim-Philipp Müller2 months
1.19.2commit ca8068c6d7...Tim-Philipp Müller2 months
1.18.5commit d3af58d5b3...Tim-Philipp Müller3 months
1.19.1commit 6d9125f01c...Tim-Philipp Müller6 months
1.18.4commit 8cb03bdf01...Tim-Philipp Müller9 months
1.18.3commit 382e373d9b...Tim-Philipp Müller11 months
1.18.2commit b375ee4cdb...Tim-Philipp Müller12 months
1.18.1commit e5c3c106a2...Tim-Philipp Müller13 months
1.16.3commit ee8144e98b...Tim-Philipp Müller13 months
1.18.0commit 7cb583bb04...Tim-Philipp Müller15 months
1.17.90commit 29e969493b...Tim-Philipp Müller16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2020-08-20Release 1.17.901.17.90Tim-Philipp Müller5-42/+1878
2020-08-20webrtc/ice: resolve .local candidates internallyMatthew Waters1-2/+93
2020-08-19srtobject: set error when canceled waiting for a callerJ. Kim1-4/+8
2020-08-19srtobject: fix typo, s/errorj/errorJ. Kim1-1/+1
2020-08-18docs: fix gst-docs build if opencv is not being builtTim-Philipp Müller1-1/+6
2020-08-17fdkaacenc: Implement flush functionVivia Nikolaidou2-2/+28
2020-08-17mediafoundation: Correct wrong raw video format mappingSeungha Yang1-2/+2
2020-08-17va: h264dec: set latencyVíctor Manuel Jáquez Leal1-0/+35
2020-08-17fdkaacenc: Refactor layout selection codeJan Alexander Steffens (heftig)1-24/+30
2020-08-17fdkaacenc: Move channel layouts to gstfdkaac.cJan Alexander Steffens (heftig)5-252/+305